Hotel features


The hotel is located in an excellent location in Livno, in the Economic Zone South bb.

Eye pleasing due to its modern architecture and the special materials, from which it is built, that make it recognisable in the urban world trends of hotel construction.

High standard and quality is what differentiates this hotel from all accommodation facilities in Livno and the surrounding area.

The hotel is built from the finest materials, soundproofed from all external sounds, and is fully heated and air-conditioned.

The hotel consists of the main building and the depandance of the hotel B&M Livno

  • The main entrance is in the central hotel building, in front of the hotel is an outdoor parking for hotel guests
  • A separate entrance to the rooms in the hotel’s depandance, stairs to the rooms, open parking place for guests located in the hotel’s depandance
  • Central reception – in the main building, opened nonstop, elevator and stairs to restaurants and rooms
  • Second entrance to the main building – pastry shop with a terrace / caffeteria
  • Restaurant is on the 1st floor / polyvalent type, restaurant lobby with seating set, spacious terrace with lovely city view, bar in the restaurant, restaurants booths for special and closed meetings, lunch, dinner and more.
  • Kitchen with all accompanying parts, a separate unit
  • Rooms in the main building: single and double, studio-apartments are on the 2nd floor
  • Rooms in the hotel’s depandance: single, double and triple rooms are located on the 1st and the 2nd floor
  • Conference hall no. 1 / fully technically equipped / approx. 120 seats / 2nd floor
  • Conference hall no. 2 / fully technically equipped / approx. 80 seats / the hotel’s ground floor, seating sets in the lobby
  • Hotel office is connected with the reception
  • Large hotel parking under video surveillance
  • Petrol station “Zabrišće B & M” offers car washing and fuel at the most affordable price
  • The offices of the company with all the accompanying features-building next to the hotel-hotel’s depandance
  • Vila Ljubica in Vodice – luxurious building that belongs to the same company and hotel guests are available to book their stay
  • Within the same company there are 5 gas stations, the largest in Zabrišće where we have a Motel for guests in transit with shared well-equipped rooms
  • Porsche charging station for electric vehicles