Livno and surroundings

Livno and surroundings

The town of Livno lies at 724 meters above sea level, situated on the slopes and bellow the hill Bašajkovac, from which the famous Karst river Bistrica sprouts. The municipality is the main cultural and economic centre of Herzeg- Bosnian County, with about 40,000 inhabitants, a city of rich history that is surrounded by numerous monuments, archeological sites, churches, mosques, bridges, cemeteries, an old town known as the Bistric town.

The nature lovers will come to their own, because the environment of Livno and the whole county is rich in natural beauties: forests, rivers, lakes, pastures, beautiful mountains often visited by mountaineers from different countries.

The renowned Franciscan Museum and Gallery Gorica presents museum material, is quite visited place to meet lovers of cultural and artistic values ​​of the entire county.

Livno is famous for the famous Livno cheese, wild horses of the Krugas, sport and cultural events, a city of artists, sculptors, musicians, athletes, politicians …

Livno is great for all tourists who want to come and stay for a few days, for those who are just passing through on the way to Adriatic or the interior of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Split, Makarska and other Croatian tourist destinations are “at your fingertips”, about 60 kilometres from Livno, the Kamensko / Cro-Bos border crossing is at about 15 km from Livno. Also there is the beautiful Lake Buško, close to the excursion sites, ski resort Čajuša na Kupresu, numerous rivers, mountains …

A town and a county that is worth a visit, stay for a few days, taste the famous Livno cheese, look at museum exhibits at the Franciscan Museum and the Gorica Gallery, see the source of the Bistrica River, known as Duman, walk around the town, go to the Livno dairy, buy cheese, homemade milk, take picture of the landscape, drink coffee with your dear friends and enjoy it, especially in the summer. National Monuments:

  • Beglučka (Lala-pašina, Mustafa-pašina, Beglek) mosque, architectural ensemble, Livno
  • Crkvina (Ledenica) with mobile findings in Potočani, archaeological area, Livno
  • Džumanuša (Sinan Čauševa ili Džemanuša) mosque with harem, place and remains of the architectural ensemble, Livno
  • Čurčinica mosque with harem, place and remains of architectural ensemble, Livno
  • Firduz’s Mesaristan, a cemetery facility, Livno
  • Franciscan monastery Gorica, architectural ensemble, Livno
  • Cemetery of holy Ivo, archaeological site, Livno
  • Podvornice, archaeological site, Lištani
  • Milošnik (Bušatlijina ili Milosnik) mosque with harem, architectural ensemble, Livno
  • Bridge on Duman, a historic building, Livno
  • Necropolis with steamed Tombstones, historical area, Grborezi
  • Piria (Smailagića) tower, historic building, Livno
  • The prehistoric „Velika gradina“, archaeological area, Vidoši
  • Rapovine, archaeological site, Rapovine
  • Rešetarica with remains of early Christian basilica, two necropolis and movable heritage, archaeological site
  • Serbian Orthodox Church of the Uspenija Presveta Bogorodica, together with the movable property, historic building, Livno
  • Old town of Livno (Bistrica town), historical area, Livno
  • Vašarovine, archaeological area, Priluka
  • Veliki and Mali Han, prehistoric tumulus and stećci necropolis, historical area, Lištani
  • Zavra mosque, architectural ensemble, Livno
  • Parish Church of the Bezgrešnog začeće in Vidoši, historic building, Vidoši